Mesothelioma Cancer News for New York Mesothelioma Lawyers The state has awarded contracts for asbestos removal and air quality monitoring.

Mesothelioma Cancer News (Rochester, New York)– The state of New York has awarded contracts for the cleanup of asbestos in Midtown Plaza. As reported by the Democrat and Chronicle, Cambria Contracting Inc. won a multimillion dollar state contract for an asbestos cleanup project that is anticipated to take approximately one year for completion. The company is reportedly expected to hire 200 people for the project.

Mike Keane is quoted in the report as stating of the contract, which he regards as a milestone, “There are going to be steel-toed boots on the ground, local people going to work.” The state is further quoted as calling the project, “one of the largest abatement jobs in the history of the region.”

As noted by the AP, Paradigm Environmental Services was also awarded a contract for air quality monitoring.

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