Many patients diagnosed with lung cancer are shown to have been exposed to asbestos according to a new study.

Mesothelioma Cancer News – A new study has shown that many lung cancer patients were at some time exposed to asbestos. As reported by The Yomiuri Shimbun, one in eight patients with lung cancer exhibit pleural plaques, or lung membrane thickening, which is indicative of asbestos exposure.

As noted in the report, the information was revealed via medical research papers released by 12 of Japan’s medical institutions, which are part of the Japan Federation of Democratic Medical Institutions, Monday. According to the researchers, an estimated several thousand individuals may die from asbestos-related lung cancer each year, despite reports that this number ranges in the hundreds, leaving many ineligible for government aid in the country.

Akihiko Tamura with the Kyushu Institute of Social Medicine is quoted in the report as stating of the findings, “Only a small population of lung cancer patients has been recognized as eligible for the worker’s compensation insurance system and other aid. I presume that many lung cancer patients are excluded from government relief.”

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