Smoking is said to worsen the risks of illness in individuals who have been exposed to asbestos.

Mesothelioma Cancer News – A new medical research project draws attention to a link between smoking and asbestos exposure. As reported by Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) News, the project, which seeks to better the health of Aboriginal individuals exposed to asbestos from living in close proximity to asbestos mines, is a collaboration between James Cook University in Queenland and the Grafton based Bulgarr medical centre.

Dr. Richard Murray with James Cook is quoted in the report as stating, “Whilst it is true to say if you have been exposed to asbestos you’ve got a bigger risk of lung cancer and scaring on the lungs, but in fact the real problem is that in combination with smoking, it’s many, many more times likely to get lung cancer… So it’s the two together which are the deadly combo.”

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Photo Credit: Alberto Aldana