Dallas, TX: The Ohio University team of scientists are trying to establish individual bondage of the asbestos fiber and the human cell. There are two major forms , under their observation. Both of these forms are linked with the exposure of asbestos. Those people, who work at the asbestos job sites are the main targets. The onset takes place due to the inhalation or the swallowing of the tiny, microscopic fibers. These two forms of diseases are:

Asbestosis: It’s a chronic respiratory disease. The attack is on the respiratory track, and it proves fatal. No cure has been discovered so far.

Mesothelioma: This infection can be of the lungs, chest or of the heart. There is no cure for this disease, too, and the prognosis is of six to twelve months, once the symptoms appear.

Asbestos occurs in six different forms, in nature, all these forms have proved deadly. Due to its qualities of durability and high resistance, it was widely used in a number of industries, till the first half of the last century. By the year 1940, it was totally banned in about forty countries of Europe and the United States, but asbestos is still present inn the manufactured stuff and is considered dangerous to human life. The breaking of the asbestos-related goods and the demolition of old buildings and structures, spread the dust and the fiber into the open atmosphere.

The team of scholars is using the ‘Atomic Force Microscopy’ to study, as to how a single fiber, during the exposure, after inhaling, clings itself with the cell surface of the lining of the organs.

One of the research candidates, has described this study as a type of ‘braille work between the two ends of this bondage and says that the scientists will feel and observe, how the asbestos links with the human cells.

The U.S, Department of labor estimates about 1.3 million people will be the target of this disease in the coming years. This is the number of the labor exposed to asbestos, from 1960s up to ‘80s.


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