A court has ruled that asbestos claims against a company in Aurora can be limited.

Mesothelioma Cancer News (Chicago, Illinois) – An appellate court in Illinois has decided that limits can be imposed on the number of asbestos claims brought against an Auroran company. As reported by The Beacon News, the Second District Appellate Court has sided with a trial court in Kane County and upheld their ruling that the number of asbestos claims brought against Aurora Equipment Company could be limited.

As noted in the report, the state court determined that the company was not liable to the family of Eva Nelson, who died in 2004 after developing mesothelioma and colon cancer allegedly caused by being exposed to asbestos via her husband and son’s clothing during the years they worked for the equipment company.

Judge Kathryn Zenof is quoted in the report as stating in the court’s decision, “We cannot rewrite the law of premises liability as it has been established by our Supreme Court.”

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