Dallas, TX: Till the year 1957, no relation between the immune system of a person and the attacks of cancer, was established. Gradually, as the studies continued, the scientists found interesting evidence between the two. The immune system was found to act as a defensive line against the viruses and the bacteria, in the body.

It was also found that people who were weak, and who did not have a developed immune system, were open to greater risk of developing cancer, than those persons where immunity existed.

If any sign or evidence that is seen the immune cells, it shows they become active, circle the abnormal cancerous cells and kill them off, thus providing a better prognosis for the sufferer.

Immune surveillance is a medical term that describes the attack of the immune cells. These cells keep moving in the body, searching for the abnormal cells. As soon as the immune cells, come in contact with these abnormal cells, which are also termed as foreign bodies, they surround them and acts as killers.

There are times, when the immune system is not able to recognize these pre-cancerous cells, and is therefore, unable to kill them. These cancerous cells, therefore become active, follow the process of division, leading to the formation of tumors. These cells actually escape the immunization system, and the growth of the cancerous cell continues.

This whole process of seeking, killing and escaping is a game of ’hide and seek’. In this process of hide and seek, there are many cancers, in which, protein chemicals are excreted. These chemicals inhibit the activity of  the immune cells. Besides; there are some tumors that are localized near the eyes, or,  are, present, in the brain system,these are the tracts which are not regularly patrolled, by the immune cells Here, the immune system  is week and cancer attacks are easier.

The main achievement of the therapy, known as immunotherapy, is to activate the immune cells, provide them strength and power, to attack the abnormal cells vigorously, to destroy the cancer cells and prevent the growth of the new cancer cell formation.

The concept of immunotherapy is based on the body’s natural defensive system, providing protection to a variety of diseases. Immunotherapy is now, a new powerful weapon, in the world of anti cancer treatments. This study is boosting up the immune theory, with promising results


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