Dallas, Texas: Cancers of all forms have found ways into human life. Out of other cancers, Prostrate cancer is the most common disease in the world of cancer. It is widely spread in almost all the western countries of the world. America, alone, faces 220,000 cases of prostate cancer, every year. This is an infection that occurs in males only.

Like other forms of cancer, prostate cancer shows its appearance, mainly, in the elders. Usually after the age of fifty, but more common between the ages of sixty and seventy. Inheritance is of the causes of this disease. Exposure to radiation is also considered as the other main cause of prostrate cancer. Other main reasons for the occurrence, have not been ascertained as yet.

The onset of the disease in the prostate glands:

The process of the start of prostate cancer is exactly the same as in the other types of cancers. A single cell starts dividing in multiples, without any limits or control, forming a small cluster or a mass. This accumulated mass is termed as a tumor. If this tumor remains localized, it is is called as a Primary Tumor and the caner is termed as benign. The treatment at this stage is much easier.

But, if the cancer spreads to the neighboring areas, then these newly formed tumors are said to be Secondary Tumors and this cancer is termed as malignant. The treatment at this stage is difficult.

The symptoms of prostate cancer:

The main symptoms that a person faces, include difficulty in passing the urine. There might be an interruption in the flow, or he may be unable to pass the urine. While urinating, he may feel pain. The pain can occur in the back, or in the hips, or in the upper thighs. Sometimes, blood is also visible in the urine.


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