A Vermont asbestos mine and the U.S. Justice Department have reached a deal regarding waste in the area.

Mesothelioma Cancer News (Vermont) – A deal has been reached between G-I Holdings Inc., which formerly owned a large Vermont asbestos mine and the United States Justice Department regarding the process of handling waste at the mine site. As reported by TimesArgus.com, the settlement agreement pertains to a 1,500 acre mine near Eden, as well as 12 more manufacturing sites throughout the U.S.

As noted in the report, the agreement stipulates that barriers to prevent people from entering the site, surveillance, and other safety devices will be installed for protection. The U.S. Department of Justice is quoted in the report as citing in a recent statement, “These piles also attract hikers, rock collectors, and ATV enthusiasts. In the complaint, the United States alleged that these activities may cause exposure to airborne-asbestos by those who access the site.”

John Cruden with the Justice Department’s Environment and Natural Resources Division is further quoted as stating in the release, “The cornerstone of this settlement is that G-I is responsible for completing extensive work at the Vermont Asbestos Group Mine Site, focusing on site security, air monitoring and investigating and sampling certain mine tailings… G-I will also pay for its share of cleanup costs for this Site and nine other contaminated sites around the country.”

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