Mesothelioma cancer News —  Asbestos fibers, that effect the lungs, respiratory system, heart and other internal organs do also effect the kidneys. In case of mesothelioma cancer of kidney, the asbestos fibers leave their affect on the mesothelium of the kidneys and aid in the growth of and multiplication of cancerous cells.

There are various reasons, which are the cause of kidney cancer. The prominent .among them, are as follows:

1) Exposure to coal tar pitch..
2) Exposure to creosote
3) Exposure to some industrial chemicals.
4) Smoking, excessive use of pain killers, and the genetic and hereditary factors.
5) Exposure to asbestos or asbestos related goods leads to mesothelioma cancer

Symptoms of the mesothelioma cancer and the normal kidney cancer:

1) Appearance of the blood in the urine.
2) Blood anaemia
3) Appearance of lumps on the abdomen.
4) Continuous pain on the sides of the abdomen.
5) Loss of weight, with no feeling of hunger.
6) Loss of weight.

The treatment of the mesothelioma cancer and the normal kidney cancer.

In the early stages of this disease, there is no appearance of any symptoms, although the onset of the infection has taken place. The early detection is only possible, if the doctor spots the infection during a medical check up.

There are different types of cancers regarding the kidneys:

a) The mesothelioma kidney cancer: This type develops on the mesothelium of the kidneys
b) The renal adenocarcinoma cancer: Develops on the kidneys of the adult people.
c) The Wilm’s tumor of the kidneys: Develops in children only.

Though mesothelioma cancers are difficult to cure, mesothelioma kidney cancer cases can be treated successfully if detected in the early stages. The removal of infected kidney used to be the only method for helping the patient from recovering from this disease but recently, the
research has helped the doctors to remove the specific affected area and save the kidney ensuring better survival rate of the suffering patient.

While other type of the treatment is to block the blood vessel that supplies blood to the Infected kidney, Therapies of radiation, immunotherapy and chemotherapy are administered to control the infection. The course of treatment is the same in thenormal cancer infection and in the mesothelioma cancer.

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