A housing council has been fined after an evacuation of 12 residences due to asbestos exposure.

Mesothelioma Cancer News (UK) – A council and building maintenance company have been fined after 12 residences had to be evacuated for asbestos exposure. As reported by BBC News, Fife Council and ECG Building Maintenance were both recently fined do to a 2007 disturbance of brown asbestos, which put tenants at risk.

Health and Safety Inspector Alastair Brown is quoted in the report as stating, “Fife Council failed to keep an understandable register of asbestos and failed to ensure that a full survey for asbestos was carried out prior to any work starting, so the information available was not sufficient to alert persons to the immediate danger from the asbestos prior to the work beginning… In view of the council’s previous experience of managing asbestos, this was a very disappointing incident.”

Brian Goodall with Fife Council is further quoted as stating, “This was a very serious and traumatic incident for the tenants concerned who had and who still have our full sympathy for what happened to them.”

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