A family is Minnesota is concerned about the future after asbestos is found in their home.

Mesothelioma Cancer News (Minneapolis, Minnesota) – After a botched furnace replacement released asbestos into their residence, a family in Minnesota was quickly forced to invest thousands in the cleaning of their home, and have been left with concerns over their future health. As reported by The Star Tribune, the duplex in which Sherene O’Hern’s family lived was subjected to emergency asbestos cleanup and a state health department investigation following the contamination.

As noted in the report, the family was forced to throw away many of their possessions due to their possibly containing asbestos fibers, which combined with other expenses cost them thousands of dollars. They have now reportedly been left with uncertainty about whether they will be able to recoup any of the money they’ve lost due to the mistakes of workers. They are also faced with uncertainty regarding their future health due to the exposure.

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