Dallas, TX: It is the need of the day, mesothelioma cancer patients and patients with other forms of cancers too need drugs that could pull them out of the misery they are in. Anti Angiogenesis drugs have rising the hope of survival and recovery of the cancer patients.

Angiogenesis process is explained as:

Angiogenesis is a process that involves the growth of new blood vessels from the existing ones. Angiogenesis, is therefore a normal process in the growth and development of the blood capillaries and vessels.

The term ’angiogenesis’ is used, summarizing all different types of modifications of the arterial blood vessel growth.

All cells, whether they are the normal cells of the body, or abnormal ones, like the cancerous cells, need nutrition for their growth and development. The nutrition is in the form of rich supply of blood. The cells and the tumors are surrounded by a network of capillaries and blood vessels that feed these cells.

These fast growing cells promote angiogenesis. New blood vessels and capillaries form a complete network round the cells and tumors. These tumors and cells are able to receive a prompt supply of oxygenated blood that helps them to grow and metastasize.

The modern research is bent to investigate a slow down process to regulate, stop, or retard the process of angiogenesis. If this is done successfully, then there will be chances .that since the tumors will not be able to receive any blood supply, they will dry off.

A number of anti drugs, known as the anti angiogenesis drugs, that act as angiogenesis inhibitors, have been developed. A few of them have been tested on the human beings, and the results observed seem to be promising.

One of the available drugs, known as ‘Endostain’, inhibits the growth of the blood vessels around the tumors. There are no toxic affects, the tumor starts shrinking, and it fades away in a short time.

These anti angiogenesis drugs are proving effective in the case of the mesothelioma cancer by controlling the growth of the tumors, taking part in their shrinkage and in their drying off, leading to a better survival chances of the mesothelioma patients.

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