Residents of the Wyoming town are being warned about possible asbestos contamination along the Green Belt pathway.

Mesothelioma Cancer News (Laramie, Wyoming) – Residents in Laramie are being warned of possible asbestos contamination near the Green Belt pathway. As reported by the Laramie Boomerang, the City has posted signs to caution individuals to remain within set boundaries while walking along the pathway after being alerted to the possible contamination by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality.

Parks and Recreation Director for the City of Laramie, Paul Harrison, is quoted in the report as stating of the matter, “So far Wyoming DEQ has put BP on notice that ‘Hey, we’ve identified this issue, you need to come up with an assessment and mitigation plan to address this potential health hazard of asbestos.” Harrison is further quoted as stating, “We’ll continue to update the public and change the signage as well… We’ll always be very aware and cautious when it comes to public health issues like these.”

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