A man asserts his mother’s terminal illness was likely connected to the asbestos driveway at his family home.

Mesothelioma Cancer News (Australia) – A man in Sydney has asserted that his family’s asbestos driveway likely contributed to his mother developing mesothelioma. As reported by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the information was presented in a recent book about James Hardie by ABC journalist Matt Peacock. James Boyle’s father reportedly worked at the company, which was also said to be a source of asbestos contamination.

Boyle is quoted by the ABC as stating of his mother’s illness and death, “We put down a asbestos driveway and that certainly would be a contributing factor and we wouldn’t be able to deny that or go away from it… Her mesothelioma has got something to do with that driveway that we put down at that property at Dundas.”

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia User Angel caboodle