The organization votes on a resolution that some expect will put a damper on the asbestos industry.

Mesothelioma Cancer News (Canada) – The Canadian Medical Association has reportedly voted in favor of a resolution that may lead to increased regulation of the asbestos industry. As reported by the Winnipeg Free Press, the motion calls for Canada to no longer oppose chrysotile asbestos being designated on a global scale as a hazardous chemical, and implement stricter regulations on its use.

Winnipeg Centre NDP MP Pat Martin is quoted in the report as stating of the matter, “This may be the tipping point that brings some sanity to Canada’s shameful asbestos policies… Canada is an international pariah for their shameful policy of promoting and subsidizing the asbestos industry.”

As noted in the report, asbestos has been labeled a carcinogen by the World Health Organization, and its use is prohibited by most developed nations.

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