A jury has awarded a record settlement to a former combustion worker in an asbestos case.

Mesothelioma Cancer News (Chattanooga, Tennessee) – A jury in Hamilton County has awarded a record sum to a former combustion worker in an asbestos case. As reported by News Channel 9, a $1.4 million dollar verdict was awarded against National Service Industries in a case involving the asbestos-related death of Kenneth W. Jackson, who was exposed to asbestos contamination during his employment at the Chattanooga based Combustion Engineering.

Jimmy Rodgers, one of the attorneys representing Jackson’s widow and family, is quoted in the report as stating of the verdict, “We are very appreciative of the service by the individual jurors, and that they took their time to consider the evidence. Our main regret is that the jury had no means to bring Mr. Jackson back to his wife and family.”

Rodgers is further quoted as stating, “This verdict represents a milestone victory for asbestos victims – not only for Combustion retirees in the Chattanooga area, but also for all people exposed to asbestos throughout Tennessee and the Chattanooga metropolitan area as well. Hopefully this verdict wills send a signal to asbestos manufacturers and suppliers that the days of getting away with knowingly exposing Tennessee citizens and workers to poisonous and defective products is over.”

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