Dallas, TX: As soon as the diagnosis of a new patient is completed, the line and the mode of treatment is to be decided by the relevant doctors. There are numerous ways of treating a mesothelioma patient. Major factors, such as the stage of cancer and level of the occurrence, the maturity of the disease, the extension of the exposure to asbestos, and the current health of the patient are considered.

The treatment administered through the therapies of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, that removes and kills the cancerous cells, are nor long lasting. Once the cells are killed, they do not stop growing. For this reason, no cure has been discovered so far. This results in poor prognosis, and the survival rate is not more than two years.

The treatment of the mesothelioma disease is generally administered by the following three therapies:

1) Surgical therapy: During surgery, the infected organ or the contaminated tissues that surround the organ are removed totally or partially.

2) Radiation Therapy: The tumors and the cancerous cells are killed by the powerful radiation rays. These radiation rays kill the cancerous cells as well as the normal healthy cells.

3) Chemotherapy: Drugs are administered, either intravenously or orally through pills to kill the cancerous cell, whether they are localized or spread.

All the above therapies do not yield the complete specific result. Some problems do occur.

In surgery, the total cells are not removed and the chances of the spread of the new growing cell remain. Radiation and chemotherapy help in killing the remaining cancerous cells.

In the radiation therapy, the rays kill both the normal and abnormal cells. Due to the killing of the healthy cells the effects vanish, as the conditions starts deteriorating and side effects appear in the form of hair loss. Irritation of the skin and nausea.

Mesothelioma cancer, through therapies exist, not no cure has yet been found.

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