A group of volunteers involved in the cleanup of the Crow River in Hanover found asbestos that had been discarded while working.

Mesothelioma Cancer News Minnesota – A group of volunteers recently found discarded asbestos during efforts to clean up around the Crow River in Hanover. As reported by the North Crow River News, the community volunteers found the potentially toxic materials during their cleanup work over the weekend.

Hanover Mayor Martin Waters, who was among the volunteers, is quoted in the report as stating, “We were working the Crow River and came across an area where we found debris that was in my opinion illegally dumped… Instead of legally disposing material, someone felt it was okay to dump on private property right next to our treasured tool, the Crow River.”

Waters is further quoted as stating, “It was just dumped there sometime between last year’s cleanup and this year’s.” The Mayor is requesting that anyone with information about the potentially criminal offense contact the Hanover City Hall at 497-3777.

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