Many are seeking a change in the state’s law that will allow asbestos victims more time to file legal claims.

Mesothelioma Cancer  Indiana – A hearing was recently held in regards to a state law in Indiana that many would like to see changed. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), several of the state’s citizens are advocating for an amendment to a law that restricts the time frame for asbestos victims to file legal claims.

As noted in the report, many state the current law, which reportedly only allows victims to claim compensation up to 10 years after being exposed according to an interpretation by the Indiana Supreme Court, should be modified to allow victims to file up to two years following diagnosis.

Attorney Russell Sipes is quoted by the AP as stating of those who support the change, “They only ask that they have the right to go to court to see if someone is responsible… There are people out there who are getting off because enough time has gone by.”

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