A federal lawsuit has been filed against the EPA in connection with asbestos concerns in Marco Island in 2005.

Mesothelioma Cancer News (Marco Island) – A lawsuit was recently filed against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), due to allegations that the agency did not publicly release information pertaining to asbestos concerns in 2005. As reported by MarcoNews.com, Mario Sanchez, Miami-Dade College professor and Marco Island resident, is suing the agency after it allegedly failed to release information about the finding of asbestos on city property in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act.

Sanchez is quoted in the report as writing of the issue on his blog last month, “The reason for the EPA’s refusal to produce the salient, revealing and indictable aspects of the information the EPA has in its possession is because … now wait for it … the EPA does not want to embarrass those responsible for the environmental crimes.”

EPA Spokeswoman Deb Berlin is further quoted in the report as stating in response to the allegations, “We take FOIA responsibilities very seriously…Once the complaint is received, we will look into the allegations and respond as is consistent with the law.”

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