A jury has awarded three widows more than five million dollars in an asbestos lawsuit.

Mesothelioma Cancer News (Bloomington, Illinois) – A jury recently awarded the widows of three men who died of mesothelioma a multimillion dollar verdict. As reported by Pantagraph.com, the widows were awarded $5.5 million in the case alleging their husbands were exposed to asbestos while working at a Bloomington factory prior to asbestos regulations of the 1970s.

As noted in the report, Merlon Dukes, Bob Blessing and John Watkins, all reportedly worked for Union Asbestos & Rubber Co., which was later named UNARCO Industries Inc., in the 1950s and 1960s. The lawsuit filed by their widows alleged that the company failed to warn or provide information to workers and customers regarding the potential hazards associated with asbestos exposure. The jury sided with the plaintiffs in a trial that lasted over two weeks.

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