Residents question the integrity of a housing association after an asbestos scare.

Hampshire, England (Mesothelioma Cancer News) – Residents of a Hampshire, England town have become incensed by a gesture of a local housing association after an asbestos scare. As reported by, town residents questioned the motivation of Testway Housing for offering them 100 pounds for their alleged failure to take action in regards to asbestos contamination in resident homes.

Resident and mother Sam Adams, is quoted in the report as stating during a meeting on the issue, “Testway have buried their heads in the sand. It is the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen in the future. I have four children and we could die. We have all been using those towels, clothes, underwear, which has now been destroyed in controlled conditions. Should we really be living in our homes?”

Another resident, Karen Doherty, is further quoted as stating, “I have to say £100 is an insult. What a joke!”

Testway Housing operations director Julian Paine is quoted as stating in response to the residents proposed issues, “In hindsight we should have been talking to you a whole lot more and said we are going to be carrying out inspections. It is a trick we have missed much earlier… We will learn from this process to make sure it will not happen again.”

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