The Queensland Council of Parents and Citizens Association (QCPCA) says parents should not be worried about asbestos in numerous schools.

Australia (Mesothelioma Cancer News) – The Queensland Council of Parents and Citizens Association (QCPCA) is encouraging parents not to become panicked over asbestos findings within state schools. As reported by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), an online register has been made available by the State Government for those seeking information on the locations of school asbestos findings, and related data.

QCPCA president Margaret Black is quoted by the AP as stating of the online database, “The information has always been available for parents – it’s just that maybe a lot of parents maybe didn’t know that they could actually ask to see the register.” Black is further quoted as stating of the widespread issue with asbestos contamination, “In a perfect world and somewhere in the future, all asbestos we hope will be gone, but reality is it is all around us and we need to work logically through its removal.”

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