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Sydney (Mesothelioma Cancer News) – Two firms have been accused of attempting to stop regulators from putting controls on the use of asbestos. As reported by The Age, James Hardie and CSR were alleged in court to have attempted to persuade regulators to not place restrictions on their products as well as purposely failing to place the names of their companies on products that contained asbestos, which would make it difficult to assess liability in asbestos legal claims.

An attorney for Robert Berengo, a Melbourne man who is seeking damages from the companies’ asbestos liability fund, John Gordon, is quoted in the report as stating in court that his client would bring forth allegations that “over a considerable period of time, the two companies formed an asbestos industry in [Victoria] and in this country, and they formed arrangements, agreements or an understanding to act together to influence the public debate on the dangers of asbestos, and to influence regulatory authorities on the control of, and the use of, the asbestos.”

Gordon is further quoted as stating that the companies had an, “agreement to grow the industry or protect the industry’s profits” and “did many things to do that.”

A trial is reportedly set to begin February 15.