Charleston, South Carolina ( — A former worker at a paper mill has won a hefty judgment award from a lawsuit filed against companies Scapa Dryer Fabrics, Inc. and AstenJohnson.

Henry and wife, Geraldine Barabin won $10.2 million for matters related to asbestos exposure and the subsequent development of mesothelioma cancer, one of the most deadly forms of cancer.

The lawsuit claims the companies used high amounts of asbestos in their products, and left their workers susceptible to exposure to the toxic mineral due to the manufacturing process.

The two companies employed Mr. Barabin as a labor worker between 1964 and 2001. He argued that he was exposed to the highly lethal asbestos dust, which was emitted from the dryer fabrics during handling, replacement disposal and cleanup operations.

According to the lawsuit, the Barabins said the asbestos-containing dryer fabrics were incorrectly designed and failed to include warnings about the dangers of exposure to asbestos.

In 2006, Mr. Barabin was diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma as a result of his exposure.

The jury awarded the couple $8 million in non-economic damages for pain and suffering. Mrs. Barabin was awarded an additional $1.5 million for her loss of consortium claim. The Barabins were awarded $700,000 more for medical expenses, lost income and household services.

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