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North Queensland (Mesothelioma Cancer News) – An investigation has begun into an asbestos scare at a school in North Queensland. As reported by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), investigators are set to assess school faculty and contractor practices and procedures after an evacuation at Mackay North State High following a disturbance of asbestos fibres last week.

Central Queensland Department of Education director Wayne Butler is quoted in the report as stating of the matter, “As regional director I have instigated an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the work that occurred at Mackay North State High School leading to the situation where we discovered or found that there may have been some risk to students through dust particles such as asbestos.”

Butler is further quoted as stating, “We have Dr Keith Adams coming up who is a specialist doctor with occupational medicine and he’ll be talking to members of staff and then to members of the school community on Tuesday afternoon.”

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