Chicago, Illinois ( — Asbestos, a widely used and highly toxic carcinogen, claims the lives of more than 10,000 Americans every year as a result of asbestos-related illnesses, including malignant mesothelioma.

With statistics as staggering as that, the world’s oldest public health organization, The American Public Health Association (APHA), is taking a stand in an effort to ban the manufacture, sale, import or export of products that contain the lethal fibers, including those products in which asbestos is a contaminant.

An organization that is 50,000 members strong, the APHA is using its platform to call on Congress to pass such an important legislation on the asbestos ban.

“With this new policy, APHA is joining the World Federation of Public Health Associations and other international organizations calling for a global ban on asbestos mining, and manufacturing, and the dangerous practice of exporting asbestos containing products,” said Dr. Celeste Monforton, chair of the APHA’s Occupational Health and Safety section.

Approximately 50 industrialized nations have placed a ban on asbestos. Unfortunately, however, neither the United States nor Canada is included in that group of nations.

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