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Montreal – A panel of doctors and health experts are calling for a global ban on the use of asbestos. As reported by CBC News, the international panel wrote in the release of the scientific journal Environmental Health Perspectives Thursday that the global trade of chrysotile asbestos is attributed to an industry relationship with governments.

The experts are quoted in the report as writing, “Early suggestions and industry reports that chrysotile might be significantly less dangerous than other forms of asbestos have not been substantiated… Numerous epidemiologic studies, case reports, controlled animal experiments and toxicological studies refute the assertion that chrysotile is safe. These studies demonstrate that the so-called controlled use of asbestos is a fallacy.”

The authors are further quoted as writing, “Despite all that is known about the dangerous and adverse health effects of asbestos … most of the world’s people still live in countries where asbestos use continues, usually with few safeguards.”

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