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Cancer News – West Palm Beach, FL – A unique foundation is providing free home cleaning services for cancer patients who are receiving treatment. As reported by WPTV.com, The Cleaning for a Reason Foundation helps patients undergoing treatment maintain the cleanliness of their homes with four free cleanings.

Diana Woerner, who is undergoing treatment for liver and colon cancer, is quoted in the report as stating of receiving the services from the foundation, “One day they called and said we will give you four free cleanings and then they came and they come in a team so within one hour they cleaned my house. I was in chemotherapy and I came home and I was like ‘oh my gosh, this is fabulous.”

Sandra Guvetis, co-owner of The Maids Home Services, whose company provided the services for Woerner is further quoted as stating, “We found out about Cleaning For a Reason through other franchises in the country. A lot of them participate and we just thought that we were ready at this point, we’ve been around for five years to start to give back to the community somehow. Having the woman who is going through this feel better about herself, her home, have her home be clean, disinfected so she can breathe easy and know that it’s being done for her.”

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