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U.S. – Some health experts have expressed concern over the hefty price tag attached to the first vaccine treatment for cancer. As reported by ABC News, despite the concerns, the vaccine Provenge, which is produced by Dendreon and costs $93,000 for an average four month life extension, is worth the price to some patients who have received benefit from the immunotherapy used for the advanced treatment of prostate cancer.

Bob Feutz, 84, who received the treatment in 2007, is quoted in the report as stating, “On a general basis, to survive is worth anything… I’m happy to be alive.”

Mitchell Gold, president and CEO of Dendreon, is further quoted as stating of the therapy’s pricing, “It was a laborious process. We had to raise $1.2 billion to support the development. I think we’ve come up with a price that’s acceptable. It’s priced fairly for the value we’re providing to the patients.”

The vaccine therapy has been approved by the FDA.

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