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Washington, D.C. – Legislation has been introduced that would benefit communities that have been declared Public Health Emergencies such as Libby, Montana. As reported by KPAX.com, Montana Senator Jon Tester has introduced a bill designed to provide more access to health specialists for communities in need of attracting more specialists to address health issues.

As noted in the report, Libby was designated a Public Health Emergency following widespread asbestos exposure from a W.R. Grace mine. Dr. Brad Black, Director of the Center for Asbestos Related Disease in Libby is quoted in the report as stating of the legislation, “Senator Tester is opening a door for healthcare specialists who would otherwise have a tough time locating to a rural community like Libby.”

“The high costs of medical training can often keep these folks away from rural areas. This bill is a win-win that would encourage healthcare specialists to come and help address our community’s unique challenges while also creating great new opportunities for medical professionals to help an underserved population alongside leading doctors and researchers.”

Tester is further quoted as stating of the measure, “I’m proud of the progress we’re making getting the folks in Libby the help they need, but there’s more work to be done… The next step is recruiting specialists to provide the specific care needed for the families who’ve been impacted by asbestos exposure. This legislation takes a big step forward in providing that care.”

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