Beginning July 1, JUARA Skincare will be releasing a series of “DermaTips” on their blog at targeted at educating consumers about best practices for protecting their skin from damaging UV Rays.  JUARA  is supporting The Skin Cancer Foundation in this educational effort and has created a special product offering, the “Glow on the Go Discovery Kit” to help raise money for The Skin Cancer Foundation this summer.  Supporters can download a badge from JUARA’s web site ( that they can post on their site to show that they believe in preventing sun damage and having great skin.

New York, NY  July 4, 2010 –JUARA Skincare, a New York based all-natural skincare products company with an emphasis on consumer skincare education., is supporting The Skin Cancer Foundation this summer through a cause marketing and educational program. JUARA Skincare’s “DermaTips” blog is focusing on sun-protection tips this summer.  JUARA’s founder Metta Murdaya is looking to educate consumers about the many types of UV radiation and the types of products that protect against all of them.  DermaTips has already covered the real difference between SPF ratings, differences between UVA and UVB radiation, and has even gone as far as to educate consumers about the “UPF” protection (or lack thereof) offered by various kinds of clothing and materials.
Says Metta, “one of the most common reasons that our customers need our naturally anti-aging skincare products is it helps fight damage caused by UV rays and encourages skin to remain healthy and balanced. In fact, when people find their skin can be radiant, glowing, and naturally youthful looking, they find less of a need to be in the sun to get that mistakenly ‘healthy’ look where in fact they’re damaging their skin.  We believe skin cancer is a serious and deadly disease that is largely unnecessary if proper preventative measures are taken, such as following a skin optimizing regimen and using appropriate sun protection to protect your natural glow.”
To support the ongoing efforts of The Skin Cancer Foundation, JUARA Skincare is offering a special summer product promotion, the “Glow on the Go Discovery Kit.”  The kit will retail for $42 and 10% of proceeds will be donated directly to the Skin Cancer Foundation.  The promotion will run from July 1st to August 31st.    Consumers should visit JUARA’s website at to purchase the kit and to download a special virtual badge that can be posted on their websites, blogs and facebook pages to indicate that they support the cause of great skin without sun damage.  “We are happy that Juara Skin Care is helping us reinforce the message that daily broad spectrum protection is of the utmost importance,” said Perry Robins, MD, president,  The Skin Cancer Foundation.

About JUARA Skincare:?JUARA is a unique fusion of natural Indonesian skincare treatments of ancient royalty and modern science. Utilizing high concentrations of pure and powerful active botanicals native to this lush tropical archipelago, JUARA’s effective yet safe, gentle and naturally anti-aging skincare line focuses on maintaining skin wellness, while feeling luxurious, elegant, and sensual to the touch.
About The Skin Cancer Foundation:
The Skin Cancer Foundation is the only global organization solely devoted to the prevention, detection and treatment of skin cancer.  The mission of the Foundation is to decrease the incidence of skin cancer through public and professional education and research.  For more information, visit

For more information, contact:?Metta Murdaya, Founder?JUARA Skincare?212-228-9601?
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