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U.S. – A new study suggests alcohol may increase the risks for some breast cancers. As reported by HealthDay News, researchers found a link between alcohol and estrogen receptor- and progesterone receptor-positive breast cancers as well as noninvasive breast cancers.

Dr. Gretchen Kimmick, an associate professor of medicine at Duke University Medical Center, is quoted by HealthDay News as stating of the findings, “It’s not a surprising finding, [but] when they stratified by hormone replacement therapy use, the effect went away, so this probably has to do with quite a few other things, not just alcohol.”

Kimmick is further quoted as stating, “Minimizing alcohol intake will decrease breast cancer risk, and there are a lot of things we know that increase risk similar to what alcohol does. No one factor in particular is going to cause breast cancer in itself. They’re probably all related and we’re trying to figure out what the multiple factors are that cause breast cancer for women.”

More information about the study may be available in the Aug. 24 publication of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

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