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Much to the dismay of Virginia Beach school officials, tests conducted after summer maintenance projects revealed asbestos in the wall sealants at seven schools constructed between 1956 and 1974.

School spokesperson Nancy Soscia said the school system has taken extra precautions by testing six other schools in the division for the mesothelioma-causing asbestos.

Air samples collected at the schools offered slightly better findings, in that the asbestos levels came in below the regulatory limits set by OSHA and EPA. Because of the air sample results, no plans for asbestos abatement have been put into place.

School is expected to begin on schedule despite the findings. School faculty has been told to refrain from drilling or nailing into the walls to prevent asbestos from being released into the air.

Virginia Beach school officials will evaluate the sealants through visual assessments twice a year, re-inspections every three years and will offer the staff comprehensive awareness training. Parents and staff at Virginia Beach Schools are being kept informed of the situation and the schools’ plans to monitor the asbestos by way of newsletters.

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