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Once the bustling and biggest independently owned steel factory operation of Youngstown Sheet & Tube, the now empty warehouse in Dayton, Ohio will soon be demolished to clear the site for a new piping plant.

Prior to the demolition, workers will remove as much asbestos as possible. Exposure to the highly toxic substance has been shown to cause several diseases, including asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma, an aggressive asbestos cancer, which most often affects the abdominal cavity.

Asbestos has already been eliminated from the interior walls of the administration building. Although it has since been banned from use, the substance is commonly found in many older homes and buildings and still poses serious heath threats to those who might be exposed to it.

V&M Star is the new the company who will use the site to expand its new rolling mill, according to Steel Guru. They will employ 350 new full time workers.

A state grant totaling $630,000 was paid out to the city for the building’s demolition.

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