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New York – A U.S. bankruptcy judge has rejected plans for Pfizer Inc. in filing for Chapter 11 for subsidiary Quigley Company, Inc. As reported by The Birmingham Times, New York City Judge Stuart M. Bernstein ruled that the company acted in bad faith to avoid liability for asbestos claims.

Judge Bernstein is quoted by The Birmingham Times as stating in his ruling, “Here, Pfizer wrongfully manipulated the voting process to assure confirmation of the Quigley plan, and thereby gain the benefit of the channeling injunction for itself and the other Pfizer Protected Parties.”

John D. Cooney of Chicago law firm Cooney & Conway, which represents mesothelioma plaintiffs, is quoted in the report as stating of the decision, “Pfizer’s attempt to manipulate the justice system for its own benefit and to the detriment of those most gravely injured by Pfizer’s asbestos products, including Navy veterans and their families, is a horrendous example of corporate indifference to the suffering it has caused… With today’s ruling, those harmed or killed by Pfizer’s actions will be able to face the wrongdoers in the tort system. Mesothelioma victims will have their day in court, which is what Pfizer sought to avoid.”

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