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Life Technologies Corporation, a Delaware-based technology company, was fined $7,940 by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) after they were found in violation of state asbestos regulations for work conducted at a facility no longer in use at 94-96 South St. in Hopkinton.

During an inspection of the site in August 2009, MassDEP inspectors found remnants of old floor tiles coated with asbestos-containing adhesive uncontained in a container located in the parking lot. The company had the tiles removed when they vacated the facility.

The company was cited for failing to notify MassDEP of a demolition/renovation operation involving asbestos-containing materials; improper removal, handling, packaging and storage of asbestos-containing materials; and allowing asbestos-containing materials to be handled in a manner that caused or contributed to a condition of air pollution at the site.

Under the terms of the negotiated settlement, MassDEP suspended $1,940 of the assessed penalty, with the agreement that the company follows through with a Supplemental Environmental Project.

MassDEP mandated that Life Technologies Corporation hire a Massachusetts Division of Occupational Safety-licensed asbestos contractor to safely remove, package and dispose of all asbestos waste at the site.

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