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Two more of the nations schools have closed their doors after test results have come back showing positive results for asbestos air contamination.

School officials have closed a junior-senior high school and elementary school in Heyworth, Illinois for two days as a result of the positive asbestos test.

School superintendent Randy Merker told the media that the test was ordered after the custodial crew found a small piece of hard plaster that they thought might have been contaminated with asbestos.

“They were cleaning the walls and it was generating a lot of dust,” Merker told a local newspaper. “After finding the plaster they became concerned.”

While students were on summer break, DEM Services of Bellwood, Illinois, launched a full-scale asbestos abatement project and must now return to clean the junior high wing where the plaster was found. .

The American Cancer Society has issued numerous reports about asbestos exposure as a leading risk factor in the development of malignant mesothelioma, a rare cancer of the tissue surrounding most of the body’s internal organs.

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