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A new study has found potentially dangerous results for western North Dakota residents. According to the investigation, an asbestos-like mineral found on the area’s gravel roads can lead to serious breathing problems consistent with asbestos exposure, including mesothelioma.

The state Health Department and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also reported that the study found no positive increase in mesothelioma cancer, but that the findings were inconclusive about a definite increased risk.

Hundreds of miles of roads the rural North Dakota area are paved with gravel containing erionite, a mineral found in rock mined for many years in Dunn, Slope and Stark counties. The study shows that thirty-four people tested positive for long-term exposure.

Due to the changes in lung health set forth in the study, federal and state health officials recommend that erionite gravel dust exposure be kept to a minimum in order to prevent mesothelioma-like illnesses.

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