Now reopen, the discovery of asbestos at the Miami Science Museum had temporarily closed the popular attraction.

Miami, Florida – ( Last week the Miami Science Museum abruptly shut down operations after asbestos was found in a mechanical room at the planetarium. With the presence of asbestos, Museum officials and the Miami-Dade Environmental Agency were concerned over the safety of Science Center guests and employees. The Miami Science Museum is a popular attraction that brings in hundreds of visitors each week.

Asbestos is a fibrous mineral that when inhaled can cause life threatening diseases such as Mesothelioma Cancer. In the early to mid 1900’s asbestos was used in many building products because of its heat-resistance and durable qualities. Regulation of asbestos in the United States began in 1970’s and today the Environmental Protection Agency considers any product containing 1% or more of asbestos to be “asbestos-containing” and therefore hazardous.

The Miami Science Museum’s planetarium was built in 1966, prior to asbestos regulations. In 1991 the Museum underwent renovations to remove the asbestos however the planetarium was not included in the asbestos removing renovations.

On Wednesday, the Museum reopened to the public after officials cleared the remainder of the building and signed off on the asbestos removal in the planetarium. The Miami Science Museum is providing free admission for all parties and group events that had to be rescheduled due to the asbestos closing.

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