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Dallas, TX – (AsbestosHelpDesk.org) Everyday new cases of Mesothelioma Lung Cancer are being diagnosed. With the rise of people discovering they are infected with the deadly disease has come a rise of Mesothelioma litigation. Mesothelioma litigation aims to hold the parties responsible for exposing the Mesothelioma patient to asbestos, the cause of Mesothelioma Lung Cancer. Damages for pain, suffering, medical bills and the loss of life can often be recovered for the patient or their family. Once diagnosed with Mesothelioma, if a lawsuit is pursued it is important to locate a lawyer with asbestos and Mesothelioma litigation experience. Each state has it’s own guidelines as to the time a claim has to be filed. In most states, Mesothelioma litigation must be acted upon within 12-24 months of diagnosis or 12-24 months of a Mesotheliom Lung Cancer related death.

AsbestosHelpDesk.org seeks to help pair Mesothelioma patients with qualified and prescreened medical and legal professionals in their area. Those in need of more information on Mesothelioma litigation should call the Asbestos Helpline at 877-362-5833.

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