—  In adults symptoms of Leukemia are quite similar to the symptoms faced by children. The main affects are flu-like with fever, chills and fatigue. But, the adults may also face blurred vision and trouble balancing because it is more likely to affect the brain in adults than it does in the children. A feeling of shortness of breath or a frequent and lengthy coughing leads to an extent of suffocation.

The cells in the brain create confusion and an inability in balancing becomes a characteristic sign of leukemia. Other parts of the body being affected are the digestive tract, heart, kidneys, lungs or testes.

Lymph nodes may become swollen because this is the location where the blood cleans itself. The excess leukemia cells are drained and deposited here.

Frequent infections and excessive bleeding are common symptoms. Patients with leukemia might notice purple patches under the skin. Another leukemia symptom is the shortness of breath. It might develop into dyspnea. Leukemia may often lead to anemia. The reduction of red blood cells and platelets reduce the ability of blood to carry oxygen and can lead to additional number of symptoms, when the body is not receiving the necessary amount of oxygen to function in a normal manner.

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