News Contributors

Tiffany Cherry is a freelance writer.  She has gained extensive technical writing experience on mesothelioma lung cancer, and a range of other topics through working with Dallas based One SEO Company. A published author, Tiffany enjoys creative writing in addition to marketing based writing for corporate, legal, and medical professionals and academia.

Tiffany holds a Master of Science in Marketing, and Bachelor’s degrees in English and Business Administration.

Heather L. Ryan, R.N., C.L.N.C.-Heather has over 16 years experience in the health care services field. She is a Registered Nurse and a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant with an expertise in reviewing medical records, research, and consulting lawyers and health care professionals on medical malpractice issues including national standards of care in patient treatment.

Heather maintains a long list of certifications and credentials to support her areas of expertise and spent the bulk of her clinical nursing career as an emergency room nurse working with Adult/Pediatric trauma patients. Ms. Ryan has began focusing her efforts on the serious and catastrophic injuries to consumers and workers exposed to harmful asbestos fibers. Personal injury claims, product liability cases, toxic tort legal actions and mesothelioma cancer suits are some of the recent topics and initiatives she is focusing on in the newsroom. Ms. Ryan continues to work closely with medical and legal experts regarding top issues affecting consumers today.

Akhtar Dossal, a science graduate, contributes his experience, knowledge and interests about the medicinal science, health care and developments in the field of health and medicine. He is a freelance writer who has over 20 years of experience in the field of teaching where has been tutoring science students. He has a knack for writing and is able to provide valuable information on the subject.